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Our experts will make you feel younger, full of energy, filled with health and well-being.

Olive oil massage

Olive oil massage is considered a divine gift for men and women. It is said that the beautiful goddess Aphrodite used it to make her skin silky. The most modern cosmetology confirms these excellent properties of olive oil, and is used in many beauty salons as a specific treatment.

Chocolate Massage

The relaxing chocolate massage is a treatment that pampers you. Softening, "greedy", irresistible, this is a total immersion in physical and mental well-being for all the senses. Cocoa stimulates the production of endorphin in the brain and helps fight your stress and anxiety. Ideal for all people wishing a particularly gratifying massage at the sensory level, this massage with a relaxing, anti-stress and soothing effect, thus helps to find good humor. Also excellent for hydrating, nourishing and softening the skin of the body.

Crystal massage

Invigorate the senses with this full body scrub. Enjoy a natural body scrub that contains sea salts and essential oils. The treatment is applied to your skin to promote blood circulation, stimulate cell regeneration and get rid of the body of dry and flaky skin. The skin will become silky and soft to the touch. This therapy is recommended throughout the year and is ideal for the skin before and after the sun.

Blue Sky massage for couples

The ultimate therapeutic massage experience. Enjoy in a room made to accommodate 2 people, a relaxing massage with your partner with oils and aromas chosen by us. Let our professional therapists help you get rid of your stress and tension. An experience worth having with the person you love.

Feet massage

This massage technique is focused on the part of the feet that relieves muscle tension. This therapy helps to balance water retention, stimulate the lymphatic system and tone your tired legs and feet.

Manicure, pedicure

The classic manicure or pedicure is enhanced, by applying a color of your choice, with a permanent nail polish that will last longer while enjoying a relaxing massage. We provide high quality care with our knowledge and attention to detail for impeccable results. Let yourself go to the expert hands of our specialists to enjoy the treatment in a space specially equipped with professional products.